About CatHome
Note: We are already in a straggle for this cathome with 100 cats to survive, so please do not bring any more new cats to the cathome!!!

In the last few months we moved into the new house, which has a small but large enough garden for the cats. This house had been standing empty
for a long time, which is why there has been a lot to do with painting and fixing.
    Again we built a secure fence around the house, so that the cats can move freely and enjoy the garden.
    The new Cat Home is very beautiful, and the cats love it even better because here they can climb a lot and get on the top of the roof as well, where we created a beautiful playground. So they are so much more alive and playing.
This place is not only a shelter but also a permanent home for the cats.
The situation here in India is not the same as in the west, where we can collect stray and abandon cats and find later, after recovery lovely new homes for them.

See: history of the cathome, interview with Dolano

The plan for the Cats

Now with 100 cats, no more new cats are being brought to the Cat Home.

Dolano wants the Cat Home to eventually come to an end either once the cats have lived their natural life in 10 or more years or even better to get some cats to be adopted outside from India, but she cannot consider this while there is not even enough money for the basic survival of the cats.

This is why she is hoping for regular donations over a period of years. With the survival pressure removed there will be more possibilities for being creative with the Cats and Cat Home that could be fun for those involved and also be a beautiful excuse for people to stay in touch and work together.