my name is Sam / Mukhi Age: 5years Sex: Male

Note: We are already in a straggle for this cathome with 100 cats to survive, so please do not bring any more new cats to the cathome!!!

Sam is a cat who speaks less initially we thought he was dump, but his expressions speaks more than his words. The name Sam is just kept for namesake but we all call him Mukhi (face in Hindi) that means his face is his mouth.

About his nature:
As you see the 2nd photo Mukhi is in his own world. A quiet and simple cat he does not fights and rarely plays.
Mukhi is saying:
"leave me in my own world. If you want to know me then come to my world and know me better."
About his health:
Health wise now he is fine. Occasionally, he lost weight but gained it quickly due to our attention, affection towards him. He had some dental problem that has been treated and now he is as normal as he was before.
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