The history of the Cat Home- From an Interview with Dolano

It is very important for you to know that the Cat Home with 100 cats is not a situation that Dolano would have created herself.

Dolano helped simply to improve a difficult situation that was created by someone else and with all the love and compassion and her ability to respond she could help. So she used all her money from Intensive Satsang in a selfless act by helping people and animals, to care for nature.

"How it started with the Cat Home was that Sandeepa began collecting injured abandon and starving sick Cats and giving them food, treatment and shelter.
Because it is not possible in India to find good homes for the cats after recovery, I would never have done so and would not have agreed with her to do so.
It is difficult to find in India people who truly value their pets as family members and companions. Indian people are not yet so good with pets especially with cats.

I only came to know Sandeepa because her 2 children did the Intensive Satsang and I was very touched, when I heard about Sandeepa's rescue place for cats and her love for animals.

Because she was at that time so committed to the Cats and because I had more money than I needed I was happy to support her and her cats.

Then after some time I visited her house and saw what an unhealthy situation it was.
By this time she had about 60 Cats, they were all locked in a house with her. So I decided to look for a big house with a big garden so that the cats could as well go out and there would be enough room for everyone.
I made it very nice and comfortable for her and her cats, with a playground in the house and in the garden for the cats, and a cable TV and telephone for her and the servants.

When we found the house I had to build a big wall around the garden, which we had to do partly 3 times as, it fell down with the monsoons, and this did cost a lot of money.

I kept on paying the rent of the new house and in this time all what Sandeepa had to do was to continue taking care of her 60 Cats as she did before.

Sandeepa had found some intelligent Indian people to help her and these people have really learnt to take care very well of these Cats. However then Sandeepa struggled financially with the cost of the food and as I had the money, I stared to pay for that as well.

Sandeepa carried on collecting more cats and eventually became bankrupt. She had a lot of debts with the Vet concerning the food and I still wanted to help her as I felt she had too much responsibility to carry so I cleared her debts as well.

I carried on supporting her Cat Home in the hope she would get more stable and happy in her situation.

But this did not happen. She was then bitten by a cat badly and needed a lot expensive treatment, this affected her, both physical and emotionally very badly.
She then had to return to Germany for treatment and she never returned to India.

So I continued supporting the Cat's as no one else could do. Many people were coming to Intensive Satsang so there was no problem with the money.

After 5 years the landlord of the large new house became greedy and because he thought we would not move with so many cats he wanted to get more and more rent. I said no to his blackmailing and so we moved again the cats to the new house where we are now, with much less rent to pay.

So because of all the moving and expense this year was the first time I really notice that this Cat Home can't survive anymore with the money from Intensive Satsang alone.
This last year we were so lucky as we got some food donated from Germany, which Sandeepa organized.
So we had enough money for this new house to build it up again for the cats to live in.

But I did ran out of my last penny and could only afford to pay the rent for the first half of this year.
I had to wait for the June Intensive Satsang when people from a school in New York came who paid the rest of the rent but now next year the school is no longer sure it will come with people.

The money from this school helped the Cat Home to survive and without it we will not manage this coming year as generally less people are coming in the low season to Intensive Satsang.

But what is so amazing in spite of all these problems, that so much did naturally happened to take care of all these Cats, it will be a tragedy for it to have to end in a bad way.

I am not complaining. I do love and care very much for these Cats and Cat Home to survive.
The painful situation is only; if there is no other help coming, these Cats will have to suffer a very cruel end.
And it is sad as well because it is so often, that innocence does not win, because of the collective mind, which says: "it makes no sense" or "what is the use of it".

And in fact, so far, the Play of Leela did care very much for this Cat Home, because otherwise, how it happened that Dolano got involved in it. The Cats could not be more lucky, how perfect.
Who else could have helped if not Dolano. She has had the money and now she is working to find a lot of potential people who could, with a regular small donation, easily help this cathome to continue and to have a happy end


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