About CatHome
from the left: Julie-Elisabeth-Kushi and Margaret
Margaret is basically in charge of the cathome, she has been with the cats from the very beginning and with all these years of her experience she turned into a very caring and loving Vet nurse. Margaret is having an eye on all the cats to make sure that they are happy and get all what they need.
Elisabeth, (Margaret's mother) is making sure, that everything is always nice and clean. She is keeping an eye on everybody and helping them with their work. Elisabeth loves to make this place always look very homely and beautiful. So there is always a welcoming feeling when you are enter the cathome.
treatment for teeth in CatHome
Dr. Hatekar is an experienced but busy veterinary and he learned also in Germany.
For the operations he is giving us the minimum cost and is helping us in many ways to keep the cats disease free.
And as well as an Indian citizen, he is able to assist and supporting us, for which we are very grateful.
Kushi with Margaret
Kushi is a Vet from England and is helping us finding good medicine, which is as well available here in India. She is sorting out what kind of medicine to use when and where.
Her help is excellence and very, very lucky for the cats.
She found a lot of useful and good medicine here in India, which already helped some of our cats. See: medical information.
<Left Picture> Ileen - Julie - Richard &Tommy the dog
<Right Picture> Ileen & Richard (Margaret's brother)
<Left Picture> Tommy is very proud to protect his cat friends.
<Right Picture> Playing and grooming time…
Emma Tyson, did the interview with Dolano and helped us with the text for the website.

Amna, is creating this website for the cathome for free! And she is responsible that this website is so beautiful!
She is living with 4 cats. "Pepe(Front), Tanya(left back), Majon(middle), Lunlun(right back) " They are her babies.
She plays with them 2 hours in the garden evrey early morning.
Without it her day doesn't start. Website Inquiry

Dolano is helping in any way she can, the cathome to survive.

Sangeet, Gierschek, Hans Werner