my name is Kestu Age: 5years Sex: Male

Kestu: The name "Kestu" was kept in the name of a famous Indian comedian "Kestu Mukherjee". Just like the comedian, little Kestu used to walk like a drunkard as on of his trademark walk. Kestu was brought by a man, who did see this cat in a garbage bin, since he knew about the cathouse, he felt for the cat and brought the cat to us.
Kestu was then about a one months old weak cat.

About his nature:
Kestu is one of the only cats that have that long, elegant body. You call him and he will come to you. Sometimes he behaves like a child and sometimes he is a lazy ease.
Kestu is saying:
"Except for food, I get all the necessary things. So, I request donors and volunteers to lend some help so I get good food and nutrition so that my fellow cats and me need not go to the doctor."

About his health:
Right from the very beginning Kestu has maintained himself. He keeps himself fit by eating good food and playing.

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