my name is James Age: 4years Sex: Male

Why James: We had a full black dog-named James who lost one eye in an accident. So when we got this cat, which had a similarity to James, we kept his name James.

About his nature:
James was 10 days old when a maharashtrian woman brought him to the cathouse. In India, black cats are referred as faces of evil spirits, omens etc. But it is not the case in the cathome; we treat all cats as the same as any other cats.

  Being a male cat he does not fight. He is a happy chap and chills life king-size.  
James is saying:
"I am enjoying myself in the cathome and I am very thankful to all of you who take car of my fellow friends and me."
About his health:
James has cataract in his right eye, which doesn't have effect on him. Right from the first day in the cathome till today he has maintained himself in its health for which he is needed to be applauded.
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